[ 18th March 2021 ]

Greyhound Trust Sheffield: An Insight into the Amazing Work They Do

Here at Owlerton Stadium, we are immensely proud of all our greyhounds. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer such thrilling entertainment! That’s why we are committed to greyhound welfare and why we work closely with the fantastic Greyhound Trust Sheffield.

The local Greyhound Trust Sheffield has a special place in the hearts of locals and dog lovers as well as those who enjoy racing. Owlerton Stadium prides itself on looking after each and every one of the dogs that race on our tracks. Our greyhounds are happy, healthy, and we help them find loving homes when it is time to retire.

Thinking of adopting your own retired greyhound? Here’s a little more information to help you on your way.


sheffield greyhound trustOur Work with Greyhound Trust Sheffield

The Greyhound Trust Sheffield is one of the biggest greyhound rehoming centres in the UK. They have comprehensive facilities which house up to 26 greyhounds, with their aim always being to help any incoming retirees find warm and caring homes to settle into after finishing their racing career. A greyhound retiring from racing should always be able to look forward to home comforts, family fun and plenty of tasty treats!

The Sheffield branch is part of the national Greyhound Trust charity – you might have seen their delightful ‘Tongue Out Tuesday’ posts on Twitter and Facebook – and we regularly work with them to help local people find wonderful pets they can take home to care for. Dave Perry, Director at Owlerton Stadium, is also Chairman of the Greyhound Trust Sheffield. Therefore, we always make sure to maintain a close link with the wonderful work the charity does.


Why Do Greyhounds Make Great Family Pets?

Greyhounds aren’t just amazing to watch racing at the track. They are some of the most loveable, most gentle pets you will ever come across. In fact, they often become therapy dogs and are great companions for people who find themselves feeling lonely.

More so, they are wonderful family pets. Boundlessly energetic, greyhounds can continue to bounce around long into retirement! Of course, as with any breeds of dog or pet, they have individual personalities – however, a retired greyhound is always likely to be extremely cuddly and gentle. They just want to feel safe and enjoy a treat every now and again!

While greyhounds are fantastic runners, they don’t actually need as much exercise as you might imagine. That said, they of course love a regular walk routine like any dog, meaning a good stretch of the legs is always greeted with plenty of tail wagging! Greyhounds are, above all, homebodies – they love nothing more than to snuggle up.

We know retired greyhounds make amazing pets for family homes. However, do always make sure to meet and learn more about your prospective pet close up with the Greyhound Trust before you decide to rehome one of your own. It’s important that both you and your new four-legged friend are an ideal fit for one another!


More About the Greyhound Trust

The Greyhound Trust Sheffield, as a local charity, is dependent on its amazing volunteers. However, following recent coronavirus restrictions, the kennels have had to temporarily reduce the number of volunteers that can work in the Trust each day. With the Prime Minister’s roadmap for the end of lockdown, we’re all hopeful life at the Trust can return to normal very soon.

The volunteers at the Trust are local people of varying ages from all walks of life! They help to groom the retired pets, raise awareness of the dogs they have awaiting adoption, fundraising and offer general care for all the greyhounds that retire from racing.

The Trust is eager to get back to good old fundraising as soon as it is safe to do so again. We can’t wait to support new events, charity drives and more – and as soon as it’s safe for us to open with volunteers offering a greyhound meet and greet, you can be sure of a warm welcome! The Trust always need support – see their website for details of how you can help.



Finding Your Perfect Pooch

We are immensely proud to work with the wonderful team at the Greyhound Trust Sheffield. They have worked tirelessly since 2006 to make sure our dogs find loving homes, and in the interim, receive plenty of care and love from the moment they leave the track.

The charity has already helped to rehome more than 1,700 retired greyhounds! Could you have the perfect home that a retired greyhound is looking for after finishing a thrilling racing career?

To learn more about the Greyhound Trust, find out about supporting the charity, or even adopt your own greyhound, be sure to visit their website or call directly on 0114 288 8300.