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Greyhound Adoption: How Owlerton Stadium Supports Retired Greyhounds

With the thud of pounding paws and the cheers of the crowd, the excitement of greyhound racing has long been…

Owlerton Stadium Opens Its Gates for Sunday Racing and Offers!

Starting in January 2024, Owlerton Stadium will open its doors and host electrifying greyhound racing on Sundays, along with the…

Marking Milestones: Birthday Celebrations & Anniversary Meals at Owlerton Stadium

Have an upcoming birthday celebration or special occasion and searching for the ultimate location? Well, you’ll be delighted to know…

Greyhounds & Garlands: Why Owlerton Stadium is the Best Christmas Night Out in Sheffield!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Christmas at Owlerton Stadium, where festive magic comes alive in the heart of Sheffield….

Savour the Flavours: Discover why Owlerton Stadium Boasts One of the Best Restaurants in Sheffield

Owlerton Stadium is not only known for its exciting racing and vibrant atmosphere; it also offers a mouthwatering range of…

What’s on in the Summer Holidays? Unmissable Events and Offers at Owlerton Stadium

Can you believe how fast the year is going? (Almost as quick as the greyhounds). Well, July solstice lovers can…

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