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Race Sponsorship

Race Sponsorship

[Dive into the racing action]

At Owlerton Stadium, we offer an exciting opportunity for you to become part of the action with our Race Sponsorship.

Whether you’re a passionate fan, celebrating a birthday or milestone event, a local business looking for exposure or simply someone who loves the thrill of the races, a race sponsorship allows you to personalise an event and leave your mark on the track.

Race Sponsorship - Owlerton Stadium
Race Sponsorship - Owlerton Stadium

Join The Excitement With A Race Sponsorship

[Celebrate at Owlerton]

For just £50 you can get stuck right into the racing action with our exclusive Race Sponsorship, the ultimate offer for greyhound racing fanatics and businesses alike! Make your visit to Owlerton extra special and level up your experience with our Race Sponsorship offer.

Personalised Race Name

Select a name for the race, whether it's a tribute to a loved one, a nod to your business, or simply something creative that captures the spirit of the event.

Racecard Feature

Your chosen race name will be prominently displayed in the racecard, ensuring that both attendees and participants recognise your contribution to the excitement.

Stadium Announcements

Throughout the event, your race name will be announced across the stadium, amplifying your presence and adding to the electric atmosphere of the races.

Podium Presentation

During the podium presentation, your sponsored race will be highlighted, giving you a moment in the spotlight as the excitement culminates in victory celebrations. You’ll also be given the chance to meet the winning greyhound!

Photo Souvenir

To commemorate your race sponsorship, you’ll receive a photo souvenir of you and your loved ones to take home; so you can remember the excitement for years to come.

Book Your Race Sponsorship Today

[Join the excitement at Owlerton]

Immerse yourself in the thrilling racing atmosphere at Owlerton Stadium with our Race Sponsorship for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a racing enthusiast, a local business looking for exposure, or simply someone who loves to be part of the action, our race sponsorship add-on offers a unique opportunity to make your mark on the track. Join us and become a part of the excitement today!

Race Sponsorship - Owlerton Stadium
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