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Greyhound Adoption: How Owlerton Stadium Supports Retired Greyhounds

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With the thud of pounding paws and the cheers of the crowd, the excitement of greyhound racing has long been a staple of British culture. Owlerton Stadium has provided entertainment for generations of spectators, making it a much-loved sport that showcases both greyhound athleticism and family fun.

At Owlerton, we’re passionate about greyhound adoption and these remarkable dogs’ futures once their racing careers are over. That’s why we hope to highlight the challenges a retired greyhound encounters in the transition from the racetrack to a forever home – delving into the heartwarming efforts of animal welfare charities, like Sheffield Retired Greyhounds, as they offer a new lease on life for these graceful and much-deserving canines.

Greyhound Adoption: How Owlerton Stadium Supports Retired Greyhounds - Owlerton Stadium

Busted Myths About Greyhounds

Myth – Greyhounds always have the ‘zoomies’:

The greyhound breed is built for speed and loves to race, but off the track, they are affectionately considered to be one of the laziest dogs that love to sleep and snuggle up with their owners. They’re even referred to as “couch potatoes” since they’re content with lounging around!

Myth – Greyhounds hate racing:

Studies have shown that dogs, like humans, experience an endorphin high when racing – Since they can sprint up to 45mph this must be a mighty fine endorphin rush!

Myth – Greyhounds are vicious:

It’s often thought that greyhounds can be aggressive, but in fact, most of them are big softies and get along well with other household pets like cats – they are known for their affectionate and loyal nature.

Myth – Greyhounds need to be very active:

Greyhound adoption often worries people, thinking they need lots of exercise, however, a daily walk and some play time are usually sufficient to keep them happy and healthy. While retired greyhounds are bred for racing, they can also thrive in a family environment and make wonderful companions.

Greyhound Adoption: How Owlerton Stadium Supports Retired Greyhounds - Owlerton Stadium

The Journey to Retirement

Once a greyhound’s racing career ends many find themselves in need of new, loving homes. Finding the right family or individual to adopt them can be a challenging transition for Sheffield Retired Greyhounds and other animal welfare charities across the UK

Like all living beings, this canine breed has its share of health concerns as they age. From orthopaedic issues to dental care, these faithful companions might require extra attention and care. But what sets greyhound adoption apart is people’s compassion and commitment to ensuring that retired greyhounds receive the care and love they need to thrive in their golden years.

Sheffield Retired Greyhounds

The Sheffield Retired Greyhounds team of volunteers is a shining example of dedication and care in the world of animal welfare charities. Based in Sheffield, UK, this nonprofit organisation is on a mission to provide a second chance at life for retired greyhounds.

Offering a range of services, from rehoming and rehabilitation to medical care and support for adopters, Sheffield Retired Greyhounds transforms the lives of these dogs, along with enriching the lives of the adopters!

Located at Rotherham Gate Lodge, the charity can home up to 26 dogs at any one time. They are always on the lookout for new volunteers to join them for walking, massaging, and giving attention to their retired greyhounds. The shelter is open 7 days a week from 9am to 12pm.

Greyhound Adoption: How Owlerton Stadium Supports Retired Greyhounds - Owlerton Stadium

Greyhound Adoption: How Can I Get Involved?

Considering welcoming a retired greyhound into your life? To start the adoption process with Sheffield Retired Greyhounds, simply complete the online questionnaire and then (if your home is the right fit) the team will arrange your visit to the kennels – where you’ll have the opportunity to meet your potential new family member.

The adoption fee is just £200, and when you take your greyhound home you’ll receive a collar and leash, a stylish walking coat, and a muzzle from Sheffield Retired Greyhounds.

What’s more, your greyhound will also be spayed/neutered, have received flea and worm treatment, and be fully vaccinated. To make the transition smoother, they also offer an onsite shop for you to pamper your new four-legged friend, including dog food, and biscuits. It couldn’t be easier!

A New Beginning for Greyhounds

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sheffield Retired Greyhounds or our Owlerton Stadium team. Plus, next time you visit us for an evening at the track, be sure to say hello to the volunteers and retired greyhounds at the entrance gates.

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