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When is Owlerton Stadium Re-Opening, and What Can You Expect?

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For millions of people, and thousands of local businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided many different challenges. However, Owlerton Stadium is pleased to announce that we will be safely re-opening our doors to the public, following a thorough assessment of our health and safety measures – meaning that you’ll soon be able to come and enjoy the best in Sheffield dog racing fun as always.

Owlerton Stadium will be re-opening, following guidance and advice from the government, on Saturday 5th September. In the meantime, before you book any parties or events with us, and before you come and have a flutter or two on our brilliant racing schedule, we recommend you take a look at some of the changes we’re bringing in to make sure that you and our team are safe.

These new measures are in place to restrict the chances of spreading the COVID-19 virus. It is everyone’s hope that, in time, full normality will resume. For now, however, we must readjust to ensure that you can continue to have fun with us – in a safe and responsible manner.


What Will Change for You?

Pre bookings are required for all visitors which includes owners and can be made either online or via our telephone booking lines which are open Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm. Due to current restrictions in place, our 6 Pack, Super 6, Fab Free Tuesday and Free Pie Tuesday promotions have been temporarily suspended however we look to reinstate these offers at the earliest opportunity.

Owlerton Stadium will be bringing in new social distancing measures to protect our staff and customers. Don’t worry – as there will be clear markings, signs, and guidance in place. This also means that we will have additional Perspex screens and sanitiser stations, too, so that you can keep yourself clean and safe throughout your visit.

You’ll also be encouraged to use contactless payments wherever possible. We’ll still be taking cash and card payments, but contactless is proven to be the safest way of exchanging money during the pandemic climate. You’ll be able to pay up to £45 per transaction with us in this manner.

You’ll also find that we are making big changes to our dining experience. The layout of our fabulous restaurant is changing to help safely position you with regard to our staff and other customers. What’s more, our menus will be disposable, and while you can rely on at seat service, we will continue to serve you in a manner that is safe in line with government advice.


What Are We Doing to Protect You?

Not only are we bringing in the above measures to offer you additional safety and protection, we are changing the way we operate, too. This means that our team will be working to careful, pre-planned shifts, where interaction is more limited than before. This does not mean you won’t still receive the same great service! However, what it will mean is that the Owlerton team will interact with each other in more conscientious ways.

Rest assured; we’ve taken up thorough retraining during lockdown. This means that all our team at Owlerton understands what is expected of them by the time we re-open. It’s just as important to keep you safe as it is to keep our team safe, too.

Please also be aware that we will be wearing PPE, or personal protection equipment, should need arise. This means that we may where masks, guards or gloves depending on the situation at hand. Please understand that these measures are in place to help keep Owlerton Stadium safe for all to enjoy during this difficult time.


Other Things to Keep in Mind

Before you visit Owlerton Stadium, there are a couple of other points you should keep in mind. Please be aware that, in line with social distancing measures, we will be changing the number of customers we welcome into our venue at any one time. Please note that this may mean we may restrict volumes at busy periods. Please understand that, again, this is to help keep everyone safe – and we ask for your understanding while we all continue to adapt to these pandemic measures.

We will also be making sure that our premises are carefully cleaned and monitored more so than ever before. Owlerton Stadium has always been a clean, safe place for everyone to relax and unwind in. However, we will be renewing our focus on high traffic regions and will also ensure that any highly-touched areas are cleaned as priority.

We do ask you to consider how you are feeling before you head to our venue. Not only is it not going to be much fun for you to try and enjoy a night out when you’re feeling poorly, you must isolate yourself at home is you are showing any signs of COVID-19. Even if you have mild symptoms associated with the virus, please do not visit Owlerton Stadium. The NHS advises that you need to self-isolate for at least a week if you have symptoms, or test positive, and for up to two weeks if you have been in contact with anyone who has the virus. Full advice is available online from the NHS.


Looking to the Future

We understand that these are challenging times for everyone right now. The pandemic has changed normality in many different ways. However, to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy, Owlerton Stadium is taking measured, careful steps to ensure that you can continue to enjoy our hospitality and racing experiences without fear of infection.

To help keep Owlerton Stadium safe during this period, please be sure to follow our social distancing guidelines, to sanitise your hands on arrival and throughout your stay, and to make sure to stay home if you are showing any signs or symptoms relating to COVID-19.

We all hope that these new measures will only be temporary for a little while longer. However, until we can all get greater control over the virus, we must continue to make things safe for our team and our customers.

Owlerton Stadium is re-opening – and we can’t wait to bring our fantastic racing action back to the people of Sheffield. Take a look at our deals and packages and do remember to stay safe and alert.

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