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Looking for Quality Dining and Evening Entertainment in Sheffield? Try Owlerton Stadium

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Sheffield is, of course, jam-packed with brilliant entertainment venues and bars. It’s often hard to know where to start! However, if you are looking for food, drink, and entertainment with a difference, you can’t go far wrong with a night out at Owlerton Stadium. Offering award-winning food, drink, and race entertainment, we are continuing to bring a brilliant selection of food, snacks and more to the people of Sheffield. Are you looking for evening entertainment Sheffield and elsewhere with a difference? It’s safe to say that the same old bars and restaurants can get a bit samey after a while.


Therefore, have you ever thought of spending a night at the dog track? Owlerton continues to welcome families, birthday parties and corporate groups alike all year around. However, we offer more than just dog racing. Why not take a closer look at some of our more popular packages and rates available right now?


Award-Winning Cuisine

restaurant_sideA first-class restaurant might not be the first thing you think of when you book a day or night at the races. However, Owlerton is always ready to change the way that people view racing fun and evening entertainment across Sheffield. It’s important to us that we continue to offer our guests a great service – not just in terms of the racing we host, but also in the quality of food and drink we prepare, too!


When booking in at our restaurant, you’ll have access to tasty treats and home-cooked food which really packs a punch. Instead of filling up on fast food elsewhere, it surely makes sense to sample some delicious fare that you can tuck into alongside a night full of racing fun.


Our Panorama Restaurant is the jewel in our crown. We love hosting guests here – offering a modern and sophisticated approach to family dining, you’ll be able to sample mouth-watering main courses in the form of sirloin steaks, hake fillets and bacon, vegetable, and chickpea Lancashire hotpots, and more besides.


Our kitchen team works incredibly hard to make sure that our food is of exceptional quality. What’s more, we take the time to listen to our customers, too. We want to ensure that we continue to deliver delicious desserts and more besides – and above all, we want to do so at incredible value to you. It’s part of what has helped us to win awards over the years!


Pick the Panorama Package

If you’re intrigued by our range of cuisine and culinary creations, it is likely a great idea that you check out our popular Panorama Package. Owlerton is always ready to help save you as much money as possible on your nights out and your dining experiences!


The Panorama Package will offer you three courses from our vast menu of choices, as well as a race card and up to four fantastic hours of greyhound racing fun. On top of this, you will also benefit from our superb waiting service and first-class care, meaning that even though you are buying into a package deal, there really is nothing stopping you from sampling the best in luxury hospitality.


Above all, the price of the Panorama Package is likely to tempt you! For all of the above, you can expect to pay as little as £13 per person. If you have a big celebration coming up, it might be just what you’re looking for to cut down on the cost of wining and dining with friends and family.


Although you are getting a great value deal, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from top class care and support. Our team at Owlerton is always friendly and hospitable. We love what we do, and we want nothing more to ensure that you can relax and have fun with us for less than you might expect elsewhere.


Extensive Views

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One of the best reasons to join us at Owlerton for a bite to eats is for our amazing views of the track and beyond. As the name suggests, the Panorama Restaurant offers just that – a stunning panorama of all the racing fun and action to come. What worth is there in setting up a restaurant at a greyhound stadium if you can’t experience the thrill of the racing while you relax?


Families love heading to Owlerton not only for the great savings and packages, but also for the unique atmosphere and overall experience. Those who have never sampled dog racing before may find it tempting to think that there’s little more to a night out than just a few races.


Naturally, it’s our job to help change these perceptions! At Owlerton Stadium, we want to make sure that our restaurant services continue to offer an unbelievable standard of care. Therefore, if you are thinking of welcoming a large party of friends along with you to celebrate your big day, you can rely on us to make things extra special.


Great Value, Great Fun

There is lots of evening entertainment Sheffield has to offer. However, how much of it really comes close to a fantastic night out at the dog track? Owlerton Stadium has established itself as a marvellous restaurant, bar and family fun venue which is open to enjoy throughout the year.


If you are stuck for new and exciting ways to spend your evenings in Sheffield, why not consider going a bit left of field? We offer responsible, affordable greyhound racing alongside some of the most affordable dining and drinks experience the city has to offer. What’s more, as a family-friendly environment, you can be sure that we are always on top of providing a safe yet exciting atmosphere.


Owlerton inarguably presents the absolute best in flexible entertainment and social fun that Sheffield stands to benefit from. Why not take a closer look at some of our packages and services? Fed up of the same old nights out and parties in the city? Time to head to the dogs and to sample our amazing menus!

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